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Why Amplus Agency 

We Learn, Develop, and Execute 

Amplus Agency specializes in creating custom marketing plans with a heavy emphasis on the digital space. Updating and creating a brand to best represent your business and reach your target marketing is our focus as a marketing agency.

Agency Services 

Website Creation

Bring your business to the digital world

Video Production

Creating videos that last forever

Graphic Design

Bringing brands and ideas to life

Search Engine Optimization

Jump to the top of Google’s search results

Social Media

Engage with your followers

Digital Media Buying

Creating a network of ads that suits your business

Amplus Agency is happy to work with clients in any of these areas, whether it’s website design, SEO, graphic design, social media, or something else. As we mainly work with small businesses, our clients don’t usually have a marketing foundation built up yet. We typically create a plan for multiple services and build their brand to the top.

Meet Amplus Agency

In December 2011, Amplus Agency was founded. Fast forward to 2021. We are one of the most experienced boutique digital agencies in the state of Texas. Amplus Agency is based in the Near Southside, the newly designated cultural district in Fort Worth. We are good at building websites. Really good. From simple templates to complex custom solutions. We were contracted to build North Texas First Responders website and still manage and support them, but there is so much more to digital marketing than a website.

Our values and conservative approach catapulted Amplus Agency to the forefront of digital marketing in Fort Worth. Amplus looks for relationships, not projects. We offer solutions that fit specifically for your business based on the science, data, and experience we have gained in the past 10 years.


Founded 2011


Google Partner


250 Websites Built


84.7 Million Ads Impressions Served on Google


21,210 Phone Calls Generated for Clients

Amplus Difference

Everyone has a website, but is your website working for you? How you get it to work for you is not an easy question to answer. Amplus Agency has a unique approach to digital marketing that can be explained with one word. Vision. Amplus Agency’s vision has set them apart from other digital companies. We learn your business and provide solutions based on what you need to better your business. We look at the whole picture. The digital marketing space is a new space and over the past 10 years, Amplus Agency has continued to thrive by not settling for standard marketing approaches. We did not come from the old guard. We are the new guard. We do what we think is best based on experience over the past 10 years. We have gained experience in multiple industry subsets serving clients in so many unique ways. Yes, you need a website, but more importantly, you need a path set for your business to keep you protected and positioned for longevity, and that means being good online. That means Amplus. Amplus is always looking to learn and implement tactics that billion-dollar companies use for small businesses.

Some of the major changes in the last 10 years include:

Paid Search Advertising Agency Fort Worth


Digital Marketing Fort Worth

Online Listing Directories

Digital Marketing Fort Worth

Video Ads

Marketing Agency Fort Worth

Local SEO

Digital Marketing Fort Worth

Online Review Management

Digital Marketing Fort Worth

Conversion Tracking

Recent Work 

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Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness









Small Business Marketing Fort Worth


The future is now. The average American spends 3.5 hours a day on their phone connected online. That is just their phone. Let Amplus Agency use its vision and understanding of the latest in digital marketing strategies to create and solve your needs. Understanding the ever-changing digital landscape is what we do. Amplus is available for consulting, strategic planning, risk assessment, and digital marketing services. We are not a company you hire, we are a partner that protects and will be there for you to assist with what is now a necessity for all businesses: digital marketing. We look forward to the future and stay committed to continual education and our core values.

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Execution
  • Efficiency

Our Clients

Clients We Work With

Star Foam
Ronald McDonald House


Hear From Our Clients 

Benny Vaughn – Sports Massage Therapist/ Life Coach

Hear about Benny’s experience working with Amplus

Mike Stanley – CEO 

Hear what Mike has to say about working with Amplus

Beth Lamb – CMO

See how Amplus helped Ronald McDonald House

Tom Monaham – President  

Helping a small business is more than just a website 

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