Video Production

There are many ways that a video can be beneficial for your business, whether it’s to establish credibility, attract new customers, showcase a product, or explain your business.

Video Production

Create Your Message

We start with an idea or a concept, then we formulate a storyboard and script for the video. For all video production, we select and produce music as well as voiceovers, if necessary. Music is critical in helping videos transition and sends the correct message to the end-user.

The majority of our videos fall into three categories: short commercials, about and testimonial videos, and features.

Amplus Agency creates videos with three questions in mind:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • How are we going to fulfill its purpose?
  • What is your video budget?

Videos tell stories

Which Video Will Tell Your Story?

Short Commercial

Short Commercial

Short commercials are anywhere from 6-60 seconds and are meant to display a product or one of the specialties of your business. These videos are primarily created with motion graphics and are used for social media platforms.

Bout And Testimonial

About and Testimonial

Display your company’s values and interactions with customers. These videos are typically 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, and usually involve a combination of live shots that we film on-site at your location and motion graphics. It all depends on the goal of the video and what you want to showcase. 



Feature videos highlight and display something special and unique. Whether that’s your business process, a success story, or a training video, these videos highlight that concept.  We bill on a mixture of hourly and flat fees for features. 

Client Videos

Our Work

Music and Motion

Videos That Come To Life

There are many factors of video production. One of the most critical factors is selecting the type of music that will amplify your video’s message. Music can control the emotional response to the images that are being displayed on the screen. Having the right music can lead to transitions that enable the viewer to more easily stay connected to the video.

Motion graphics are also used in specific cases to showcase and highlight important verbal messages. People retain information in many ways. So by highlighting key phrases or words that are being spoken with motion graphics, you reach them visually and verbally. This amplifies your marketing message for the viewer. 


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