Looking for digital consulting from the experts who know the ins and outs of the digital marketing business? You’ve arrived. We also offer in-depth online business review services, unparalleled by any other digital marketing firm.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Schedule a Digital Marketing Consulting Session today. You’ll get a fresh perspective, expert advice, and answers to your questions via a 1-hour consulting call with our founder, Anthony DeFelice. Click the “Schedule a Consultation” button below to get started.

Fresh Perspective

You’re in the trenches, which often means you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Plan Validation

Get a second opinion and gain confidence you’re executing the right marketing plan for your situation.

Questions Answered

Why waste hours researching when you can get answers to your questions on a single phone call?

Market Breakthrough

If your marketing efforts have plateaued, then you need fresh ideas to break through and jump to the next level.

Industry Expert

Talk to someone who has lived in the trenches for over a decade and knows how to direct the ships toward abundant strategy.

take account

Sometimes it’s hard to see opportunities right in front of you because you’re so busy running the business. Get an expert to help you see the options.

Sometimes you don’t need to hire an entire firm to assist, you just need to round table with an expert that can unlock your vision and steer you forward. Amplus Agency owner Anthony Defelice is just the right person to bring in as a digital marketing consultant.

do you qualify for a call?

good fits for digital consulting services:

Small Business Owners

Small business owners often can’t afford to hire an in-house marketing manager, which means they have to create and implement their own marketing plan.  Unless your background is in digital marketing, you likely could use some expert guidance to ensure you’re maximizing your time and effort.

Marketing Managers

In-house marketing managers are experts at what they do, but equally importantly, they know what they don’t know.  Unfortunately, the internet is littered with misinformation and outdated tactics so the most efficient option is to talk directly to an expert to get answers to your questions.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants often receive tough client questions and requests that might not be in the consultant’s wheelhouse.  That’s when a consulting call can help you maintain client satisfaction and further position you as your client’s trusted advisor.

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Ready for a call?

Each 1-hour Digital Marketing Consulting Session is $300, paid upfront.

To schedule your call, click the button below and complete the secure order form.  After you complete the form, Anthony will follow up via email with a few time slots.  Prior to the call, you’re welcome to email additional information to make the call as efficient as possible.

Online Business Review

We perform an onsite review of all digital marketing and business practices. Not too sure where to go and what to do to take your business to the next level in the digital marketing space. We can provide simple solutions that will bring clarity to your business. After 10 years of specializing in Digital Marketing, we have the experience to assist your business to go to the next level.

The foundation for successful marketing starts here. We take the time to roll up our sleeves and evaluate all aspects of your business with a heavy focus on Digital Marketing. Anthony the founder of Amplus has extensive experience with business consulting as he has worked with hundreds of businesses, by looking at the big picture we find was to make your business grow. 

Doing things without first understanding your market is pretty much like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Understanding how your business is viewed online is important. Understanding your industry online is important. Finding opportunities for growth is priceless. We will not only be able to find opportunities but also protect you from future failures.

What’s Included

  • External Review of Business and Industry 

  • Internal Review of Website

  • Internal Review of Listings and Accounts 

  • SEO Audit

  • SWOT Analysis 

  • Determine Opportunities for Business Growth Online

Sometimes you don’t need to hire an entire firm to assist, you just need to round table with an expert that can unlock your vision and steer you forward. Amplus Agency owner Anthony Defelice is just the right person to bring in as a digital marketing consultant.


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