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Digital Press

Digital Press is a printing company that has served the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for the last 15 years. They specialize in digital printing and large booklet runs at an affordable price. Their mission is to provide their clients with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.


How We Increased Online Sales by Over 2000% In Less Than a Year

Digital Press wanted to build an online ordering website to grow with the ever changing consumer demand. They wanted something that they could create custom products in but also utilized products from a printing vendor. They were wanting to expand their customer base and their catalog of items they print.

digital-press website example and description


Taking Elegant Themes to The Next Level


Digital Press Prinitng prints all types of products for custemers which comes with thousands of options.  We needed to enable an online  instant quote feature as well as ordering and tracking of all purchaes for customers online.

The website currently has a custom portals that is also being used by repeat customers for ordering. This system needed to stay. Therfore we had to intergate multiple systems into one website that would stream line the entire process, without looking like 3 different systems. Ordering, customer portal, and main website. 


A custom website was needed that allows Digital Press to have an online ordering platform to aggregate their business inquiries. The creation of custom products to showcase their low prices as well as the portal was all placed into a new website. By using one of their vendor’s white label ordering site we customized the layout to incorporate all products that are offered as well as pricing, Then we integrated in the portal software that was currently being used.

These features were all styled and designed to fit the branding of Digital Press. The new website can run and track all orders as well as be adjusted to reflect pricing changes and coupons that are periodically offered. Digital Press’s new website put into the digital age.


Hear from the client

“There is not enough words to express how much Anthony Defelice and all the team at the Amplus Agency redefined our company’s future in print. Their guidance, expertise and commitment to our success was unparalleled in assisting our company reach our goals. I highly recommend Amplus Agency if you desire to raise your company to the next level.”

Mike Marsh, Digital Press President

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