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We know that social media is not just about how many followers or likes you have, but about your entire brand online. It’s your reputation and possibly your main source of income, and that’s why we take it seriously.

More Than Posting

What Are Your Ratings? 

We look at your online reputation first. If you have less than a 4-star rating, social media will only open up another avenue for negative comments and ratings from your customers.

Once your online reputation is handled, we can begin looking at a number of different ways to improve your social media presence. We like to operate in three main categories.

Social Media Marketing

Depending on your needs, we use some of the following services.

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Social Growth

We use unique software that targets Instagram followers that would be your ideal customers. The software works by targeting people based on the Instagram accounts they follow. We will engage the user and increase your followers. 

Content Creation

Content Creation

Great content can make or break your business’s social media strategy. We create monthly content that will represent your brand across all platforms.  From blog posts and videos to infographics and regular social media posts, we formulate a plan that fits your needs. 

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Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a form of product and brand placement using people with large followings. There are two main types of influence marketing that enable us to connect your brand or sell products online through affiliates. 

Understanding Influencer Marketing

How Does This Work?

Influencer marketing is a way of getting your brand or product into the hands of major celebrities. Since Nike and Under Armour really started ramping it up a few years ago, the power of having a major celebrity representing your brand has really helped give some businesses a boost. If you want celebrities to work with your business or product, we’ll make sure to match the best one(s) to your brand personality and the amount of people you want to reach.

Affiliate marketing is more of a grassroots approach than influencer marketing. With affiliate marketing, we’ll get hundreds or thousands of influencers to promote your brand or product. This way, you can still reach millions of people within your target audience, but it won’t cost you that much other than commission and your product.

Here’s how it works. First, we match your brand with influencers that deal with your industry and send them the product that you want to sell. Then, they will post about your product on their social media with a link to your product. Any sales that come from an influencer’s link will have a commission attached to it. For you, there’s no upfront cost, but your business has to qualify with minimum monthly online sales and conversion ratios for this to be successful for you.

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