Amplus Agency partners with Yext to help local businesses with digital marketing.

Amplus Agency, established in 2011, is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Fort Worth, Texas and Yext is a publicly traded company headquartered in New York City. Amplus Agency is already a Google Partner Agency and now this partnership enables businesses to take advantage of Yext’s powerful online local listing software from a local agency. Yext’s proven technology is one of the most critical tools for businesses to guarantee their business information is accurately listed on many platforms online. Trying to manually create accounts on listing sites takes hours upon hours. Yext’s software streamlines that process and Amplus’s local team now can assist and ensure implementation at a wholesale price.

Who is Yext?

Yext started in 2006, with humble beginnings in a one-room office in Columbus Circle. Yext enjoys helping small businesses grow, like Amplus Agency. Yext is an industry leader in listing management software. Yext is trusted by over thousands of companies worldwide. Yext’s listings leverage patented processes, technology and integrations to enable you to update once and publish across the industry’s largest network of maps, app, voice assistants, search engines, social networks and directories. Yext’s direct integrations put you in control of how the facts about your business appear – everywhere customers search.

The Importance of Listings

Listings are the local phonebook of the internet or a digital front door to your business. It can be difficult to manage your online listings considering you would have to manage it site by site. We will take your business information and populate it to 200 different sites. We use this software to ensure that your business information is accurate across all platforms. By ensuring this it allows your business to 1. Be found and 2. Be more easily found. Did you know that online business listings receive 2.7x more views than your owned website?

Features that Will Amplify Your listings to the Next Levels

1. Duplicate Suppression

Duplicate listings will cause irreversible damage to your business’ validity and SEO. When a business has duplicate listings it causes confusion among consumers. Duplicate Suppression is a feature that scans once a month to see if your business information is duplicated on a site. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about duplicate listings?”. Yext’s patented Duplicate Suppression process finds and suppresses duplicate listings at the publisher level, according to each publisher’s best practices, so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete data about your brand.

2. The Listings Verifier

This feature allows you to sync the facts about your business directly with publishers to ensure consumers find accurate and up-to-date information. If the facts about your local business are not accurate or the same across all listings is detrimental to your business. Yext’s Listings Verifier is a system built to promote Listings Accuracy, provide tracking tools, and keep you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your business’ data.

3. Listing Analytics

Managing your listings on your own can be time consuming and aggravating. Yext’s platform pulls data from sources across the internet to show you real-time customer interactions all in one place.
The analytics platform also allows you to evaluate your results and gain insightful information through custom reports.

4. Deep Integrations

Integrations help link other platforms you use for your business. Yext boasts over 300 different integration options. The biggest platforms they have partnered with are Google, Apple, Salesforce, WordPress, Facebook, and many more. Integrations allows you to publish important business information, such as store closing early, store hours, and more, to many platforms at once. With the ease of updating your business information in one place, you can publish it across the web.

5. Enhanced Listing Content

Enhanced content is important to give consumers more information about your business. It allows you as a local business to connect with your customers and tell them your story. Some examples of enhanced content include hours of operation, photos, videos, bios, product lists, specials, and events. Enhanced content will provide a better conversion rate and instill confidence in your business with consumers and search engines.