Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic way of finding your website on the internet. We find specific words that people search and optimize your website to show up on the first page as a result. 


Rank #1 on Google 

Our goal is to drive long-term traffic to your website, and we have a couple of ways to do so. We have developed a trackable process where we focus on three main strategies. 




Listings are one of the most missed opportunities to rise up the search engine rankings. Your listings are important information that pertains to your business such as your hours of operation, address, industry, etc.

Each listing site (like Google Maps) collects and compiles information that when put all together, can give you a huge boost compared to your competitors.

That’s why we use a technology that allows us to compile all of your business’ information and simultaneously upload and update it to all 70+ listing sites.

SEO Network

The SEO Network plugin specifically targets 5 or more keywords and enables us to create new website pages and backlinks for each one of the keywords. This show the search engines you’re a credible and relevant source of information for a topic.

These keyword-rich pages and backlinks create an almost immediate increase on search engines.

SEO Network is extremely efficient for localized keywords. Once the plugin is activated, with a monthly flat fee, we’ll monitor your keywords with weekly reports. 


Onsite SEO (Digital Marketing) refers to keywords strategically placed within the copy and source code of your website.

You can’t just place keywords wherever and whenever you want because the search engines might drop you in the rankings if you go overboard.

Now, it’s not an overnight change. It’ll take time before it starts making a substantial difference in the rankings, but once it’s on there, it’s there forever. We bill hourly for this service. 


What Is A Keyword? 

A keyword is what someone types into Google when looking for something. For us, selecting a keyword is not a guessing game. We use software that pulls data from reports to help determine the best keywords for you. Localized keywords are typically the best strategy. A localized keyword has a location attached to the search word. For example, “A/C Repair” is a regular keyword, while “A/C Repair Fort Worth” is a localized keyword.  


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