In this day and age, everyone’s goal is to make their happy customers even happier. But most businesses try too hard when really the answer is simple: respond to your customer’s reviews. Did you know that whenever you respond to a review, the reviewer gets an email notifying them of it? Just knowing that their feedback got a response is usually enough to get a smile out of them.

Besides, it’s just polite. Our parents have all taught us this basic rule: if you receive a compliment, you need to say thank you. Just like your parents taught you the rule, you need to apply it to your business as well, because after all, everyone is treating your business like another person. Pretty simple, right?

Recently our owner, who is a Google Local Guide, got to experience this for himself when he left a review for Austin City Taco Co. As you can see, they did a great job responding, which inspired him to leave a few tips on how to respond to reviews as a business.

Great Google Review Response From Austin City Taco Co.

Tip #1: Respond Quickly

The quicker, the better. If you’re responsive, customers will feel like you’re actively listening.

Tip #2: Personalize Each Review

Sometimes you may want to quickly blow through a lot of reviews by using a basic template like “Thanks for the 5-star review!” Don’t do that. Personalize each review to the customer by responding to anything they wrote and using their names, just like the Austin City Taco Co. review.

Tip #3: Show Your Personality

People are treating you like a person, not a business, so let them see some of your business’s personality. Just make sure that it’s the right time to show it. Sometimes, it’s just better to come off as professional.

Tip #4: Ask For Reviews

You need to constantly ask for reviews if you can because if you don’t, the majority of your reviews will be only negative reviews. There are multiple ways to do this, whether it’s a sign by your front counter, asking each customer personally or even sending a link for them to leave a review on. In fact, we have software that can do that for you, which starts at $99 a month and you can get more information about it below.

Tip #5: Respond To ALL Reviews

Yes, even the bad ones, in fact, especially the bad ones. Sometimes people just want to hear that you’re sorry and that you’re going to fix it. In fact, according to a Harris survey, 33% of customers changed their reviews to a positive one after a response and 34% deleted their original review! Not only that, Google has confirmed that it helps your search presence if you respond to your reviews.

Tip #6: Reviews Matter

No matter what type of business you are, having reviews matter. It used to be only restaurants, but now we look at reviews for every single business we visit. In fact, 93% of customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions. With that in mind, make sure that your doing you best to generate and respond to all reviews.

Our Reputation Management Software

If you’re interested an easy way to generate and respond to reviews, we got you covered. Our reputation management software allows you to compile reviews from all different review sites into one easy-to-use dashboard to allow quick responses. Not only that, you can collect phone numbers and emails from your customers and send them a review request with just a couple clicks.

The best part is, you don’t have to do any of this is you don’t want to. We can monitor your reviews, compile your customer’s information and generate them for you! All of this starting at just $99 a month. Interested? Call us today at 817-226-8427 or email us at!

Review Management Overall Dashboard
Amplus Agency's Review Management Dashboard

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