The days of phonebooks and maps are over – technology has taken over. In today’s world, your online presence is just as important as your physical presence. With the Snapshot Report, you can diagnose your business’ health with an in-depth analysis of your online presence  at no cost through Vendasta, our third-party partner.


After entering your business’s information – address, phone number, social media accounts, business hours, etc – the Snapshot Report will scour the internet to give you feedback in regards to the accuracy and relevance of the information you provided. The Snapshot Report also weighs you against your local competition, giving you an insight about how well your business is performing online in comparison to your competitors.


The Snapshot Report gives you 5 grades- each described below.


Listings: You want to make sure your company’s information is correct online, right? If your company’s information is misrepresented online, potential customers might not be able to find you. With the listings analysis, the Snapshot Report will take the information you entered and run it through internet search engines to see how accurate your information is listed on multiple websites. You wouldn’t believe how many company listings have incorrect addresses and phone numbers!


Reviews: Before you buy a new product or try a new website, you probably read online reviews. Online reviews are critical in business today – people like to read about their experiences with a product or service, and often these reviews play a heavy hand in making a decision. The Snapshot Report will compile every review about your company online, and give you insight about what people are saying about your business. This includes review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and any industry-specific websites that people use to talk about your business.


Social: Simply put, social media is one of the most powerful components of business today. Not only does social media help your company develop an online presence and raise awareness, it also give your company a way to engage new consumers and retain old ones. The Snapshot Report takes a look at your social media accounts and gives insight about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.


Website: You can’t have an online presence without a great website right? The Snapshot report analyzes your website and gives feedback about several factors, such as website speed and mobile-phone capabilities.


Advertising: Finally, the Snapshot Report grades the performance of your online advertising, such as display ads and SEO. However, most local businesses do not engage in online advertising, so more often than not this grade is not available.


The Snapshot Report is an extremely useful online analysis that we recommend every company should run. The best part is that if you get grades that you find unsatisfactory, Amplus Agency is more than happy to help you correct any mistakes and get you those straight A’s and help your business grow and succeed.