Amplus Agency, established in 2011, has worked with over 50 healthcare companies in multiple capacities.

Multi-specialty  & Specialty Groups
Individual Physicians
Medical Device Companies
Surgical Centers
Long Term Care
Nursing Homes

Health Insurance 
Home Health
Dialysis Centers
Urgent Care

Working with such a variety of businesses within healthcare gives Amplus Agency the ability to truly look at each segment as an individual but understand the entire industry. We also abide by all HIPPA regulations and have integrated many different EMR’s,  online booking systems and patient paperwork to better increase efficiency for organizations in the digital space.  From this experience, we have developed a simple way to start providing marketing services. The first step is to address universal needs to ensure there is a strong foundation to run and support your business with additional marketing services.   Having correct business information online seems to be a no-brainer but is often overlooked and mismanaged. This coupled with a secure and accurate website is a must for all healthcare organizations. Once these needs are addressed, then we focus on increasing profit with specific plans. Increasing profits can usually be accomplished by increasing revenue as well as cutting expenses and running more efficiently.  There are cases where we have been able to reallocate marketing funds while cutting costs to easily increase profit. It is common to see many healthcare companies still spending thousands of dollars on print ads and very little on the digital space.  $5000 magazine ad could be turned into 20 clicks to call on Google Adwords.  Our full-service customers usually start out with a simple project. Then we form relationships based on performance, which then enables our clients to use utilize any of our specific healthcare marketing services. Our project-based initiatives are usually centered on patient education, location review management,  design or printing services or a website makeover. The number of businesses that do not own there own website is more than you would imagine. When we work with our clients, all of the work created for you belongs to you.  These projects are usually billed on a flat fee base or hourly depending on the circumstance and needs.  The main monthly healthcare marketing services used to quickly increase revenue are if you already have a good website and accurate listings are as follows

1. Reputation Management – If your business has less than a 4-star rating on review sites, we will launch an aggressive campaign to increase your 5-star reviews.

2.Search Engine Optimization – Put your business on the first page of Google when searching for particular keywords.

3. Online Ads – Amplus Agency is a Google Partner and we specialize in creating text/display/mobile/video ads for online placement.

If your business shows up online more frequently with the following key areas addressed your revenue increases. 

  1. Correct business information
  2. High ranking customer reviews
  3. Easy to use website

Even with our extensive experience in healthcare marketing, we still approach every business with a fresh and unique point-of-view. This means your specific needs will be addressed when developing marketing plans. We also are very protective of our clients and do not overlap and market for two competing businesses in the same general location. Here are just a few of the healthcare businesses we have worked with:

CityDoc Urgent Care Logo
The CenterTX Logo
North Texas Surgical Specialists Logo
Total Care ER Logo
Southwest Orthopedic Associates Logo
Dr. Ethridge Logo Design
Renew Home Health Logo
LaDora Logo Design
Envoy Hospice Logo Design
Fort Worth Transplant Institute Logo Design
Pamela Stuntz Logo
Renew Cosmetic Logo
Fort Worth Primary Care Logo Design
Cashpay.Health Fort Worth Logo Design

To find out more on how your healthcare business can benefit from working with Amplus Agency, contact Anthony DeFelice at or 817-226-8427. Standard projects start at $3000 and hourly rates of $85 and up.  Contact us!