Social media is one of the most important tools businesses and brands can use in the modern age. In fact, 75% of male and 83% of female Internet users are on Facebook alone! That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your content and messaging. Make sure you leverage your social media presence in the best possible way with these four tips.



Social media is just that – social; it’s not a stagnant platform. It has become a bit of an expectation that brands interact with their fans through social media channels in various ways: comments, retweets, “likes,” etc. so make sure that you make engagement a priority in your social media plan. A simple “Thank you” to a glowing review or a “like” on a user’s photo with your product in it can go a long way in creating a fan for life or a brand ambassador.


Keep it consistent

Make sure your branding and messaging both are consistent across all your channels. Don’t use different colors on different profiles, and don’t disseminate varying information (especially if it’s completely contradictory to what was posted on another page). A great way to ensure that your messaging is aligned is to schedule all your social media posts using an aggregated social media scheduler tool – here are a few suggestions.


Don’t push your products too hard

Yes, your products are an important part of who you are as a business, but that does not mean that you should be pushing them onto your followers with every post. It’s all about subtlety and balance. Your followers don’t want to have their social media timelines clogged with constant ads asking for their money – find a way to creatively incorporate what you do into a fun post that’s interesting and catches a consumer’s attention. Are you a dog groomer? Share a list of crazy dog haircut fails and ask for your followers’ favorite poorly-sheared pups…While also pointing out that you offer well-rated grooming services.


Be proactive – not reactive

If you see a comment or a review that is less-than-savory, it may be tempting to retaliate if you know that the commenter is just being nasty. Don’t! Respond cordially as soon as possible and take the conversation offline in an effort to rectify the situation. Your response will show other followers that you are actively involved in your social presence and are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer service.


That being said, between running your business and the hassles of everyday life, it’s often hard to find the time to effectively manage your social media all by yourself.. That’s where we can step in. We offer many great social media management services to ensure that your brand maintains a great presence – learn more here.