SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of “rules” or “parameters” that make it easier for various search engines to find your content and improve your website rankings. Furthermore, it’s a good way to increase site quality and make it user-friendlier.


SEO is critically important in today’s digital landscape because it can be the competitive advantage that wins – or loses – you business. A vast majority of search engine users are likely to click on only the top five suggestions in the results page. Very few users will even navigate past the first page of results. Likewise, users tend to place more trust in websites that appear closer to the top of the front page of results.


Good links are a critical factor of effective SEO. In fact, important things to consider about links:


  • How many external links you have – the more, the better (links pointing to your site)
  • Anchor text of external links – anchor text is the text that embeds a hyperlink (think of the “Click here” links that take you to other pages); the more relevant this text is to the target page, the better.
  • Quality of the source – External links coming from a reputable news source or organization are more preferred over those coming from a random, unknown blogger.


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