I was born and raised in Fort Worth and have strong memories of growing up, surrounded by diversity–from attending middle school in Stop Six to the Friday night lights of Clark Stadium. I am proud to be from Fort Worth.

I founded Amplus Agency as a platform to make a difference in the community that I love and call home, helping businesses compete and grow. One day, I might have the privilege to represent our community as an elected official; that is far off, but today is a stepping stone to reach that goal.

Recently, we had the opportunity to assist and strategize with a local Hip Hop artist, Lou Charles, on how to grow his brand and following; this has turned into something special. Lou Charles was in need of advice and guidance because the digital marketing world is tricky and can get expensive quickly. I was skeptical at first and, to be honest, had little interest in working with a musical artist; moreover, the only music experience I have professionally is a music video we created for Ronald McDonald House 5 years ago.

I advised and gave him as much knowledge as I could regarding digital marketing. Lou took it and ran with it.

Fort Worth Community

As time went on, it became apparent that Amplus Agency would be able to manage his digital marketing in a conservative and efficient way. I’ve seen brands spend thousands of dollars with very little return on investment. We decided to go in a different direction. The idea was simple: social sharing. With the recent events in our country, Lou and I agreed he could spread a positive and strong message: One Love.

Lou spearheaded and produced a music video with 12 local artists to send a message of unity and love in these tumultuous times, standing tall and proud as a community, supporting each other.  This is a small example of why Fort Worth is special. Thank you to all the artists who took the time to compile this message. Over the years, this city has matured, but there is still room for growth. Without LOVE, this cannot happen.  I believe and know that as a united community, we can make the difficult but necessary changes to find common ground and love. I hope we all can align in this great city. No one is perfect, and we are all unique and important. Let us find more ways to focus on love and lift up one other.

One Love,

Anthony DeFelice - President, Amplus Agency





Anthony DeFelice – President, Amplus Agency