LIT Commercial Awards

LIT Commercial Awards is an awards competition that recognizes novel excellence in commercial video and television productions across all screens, from local to international horizons.

Amplus Agency received two awards in the LIT Commercial Awards for 2022. One award was received in the category of COVID-19 public interest and awareness. They received the award for their work with the Center For Cancer and Blood Disorders. The video they produced is called “Cancer Won’t Wait” and informs the public on the importance of cancer screening. This was an awareness campaign that effectively encouraged people to still get screened for cancer, even during the pandemic.

The second award was for work that Amplus did with a non-profit, The Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth. This video is near and dear to the heart of President Anthony DeFelice, not only because of the mission of the nonprofit but because the talent used was Anthony’s daughter. The campaign led to the highest holiday giving on record for RMH Fort Worth. The name of the video Amplus produced is “Keeping Families Together” and described why Ronald McDonald House is so important to keep families close during a medical emergency. The award was in the broadcast and television non-profit segment. Amplus Agency produced the video as well as secured the spots on Spectrum.

You can see all the winners here.

Amplus Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that produces custom videos in-house. They are located in Fort Worth Texas.