Say What?! Google has a verified service program?

This is another new role out with Google (they are always changing and adding) but this new role is a game changer for residential service providers and consumers. This new programs is providing consumers a great way to find licensed, insured and background checked companies.It is only rolling out into 17 regions across the USA, but this new move with Google is shaking up the online AdWords for residential services industry companies.

What does this mean for your business? It means if you are a residential service company then you need to have your business verified by Google. Why should you have your business verified by Google? The number one reason is Google is putting their money where their mouth is and is offering the consumer a guarantee and insurance when they use your business. Also, your ads will show at the top of the page for your industry.

Now the best thing about this whole program is what this will provide for the end user, which is simple, a better experience.It can be hard trying to make sure you have a legit and professional person that will service your home needs, and Google is putting their name behind these small business to make sure you do not end up with a former convict fixing you’re a/c unit.

Google is the go to for searches, and now with this new implementation of Google Local Service your online ads will convert at a higher rate, and you do not have to compete with 3 to 5 other companies like some of the other home services companies.

The best part about this is that it is free to become a verified Google company. To learn more and receive and free E-Book on Google Guarantee fill out the information below. Amplus Agency is a Certified Google Partner Company that helps businesses in the Fort Worth Dallas area. This 18 page guide will go over all the details you need to be aware of if you are a service business.

One thing to check before you try to become a Google verified service provider are your online reviews. If you have bad online reviews, this is a problem. Amplus Agency can fix this with our reputation software. In less than one month we helped Accent Pools who has been in business over 30 years go from a 2.8 star review on google to over a 4 star. If you would like to start your 14 day free trial of reputation software we can set you up.

The reputation software is designed to sync all of your online accounts to one location where you can manage and generate new reviews for your business. One failure of businesses, is that they do not respond to positive reviews, and sometime not even the negative ones. Customers make buying decisions based on what strangers say about your business online. The software is inexpensive but very valuable at only $99 a month.

Once you have a strong online reputation then it is time to become a Google verified company. A lot of small business try to do everything themselves and in this situation it is very valuable to have a professional set up and optimize your business online ad budget to drive business. Call tracking and analytics are available to show your return on investment. If you are already advertising online and not doing this, you need to stop now and let Amplus send you this free guide. This guide will help you understand all aspects of what Google is doing with the new AdWords verification for residential service companies.

If you are a plumber, painter, landscaper, electrician and any other type of home service business you this is specifically for you. Customers will ultimately pick a verified company over a non-verified company.

If you do want to do this by yourself you can and the free guide will give you all the details you need, or you can give Amplus Agency a call and ask for Anthony. He can help you out.