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Lon Smith

Honor Insurance is a veteran-owned, alternative health insurance company that specializes in bundling policies together to save costs and provide better health coverage for everyone.


Can We Get Anymore Custom?

Looking for standard health insurance is confusion, but mix in alternative options with mutiple policies, that is just overwhelming.  Most custeomrs have at least 2 or 3 policies.  We created a custom website that changed the way Honor Insurance does business. 

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Helping an alternative insurance broker create an alternative insurance experience


There were a few large challenges with this website which started with branding. We needed to best explain how Honor Insurance is different and make it easy for the consumer to understand the difference. Creating a personalized experience that gave the customer all the information they needed but in a simple way was going to be hard being that there were so many variable. There are not a lot of health insurance options where you bundle policies, and we need to make that concept simple. 

The next challenge was after a new customer purchased health insurance, which usually consisted of 3 to 5 policies, there is a lot of paperwork and questions that arise. How do I file a claim? What doctor can I see? How do I access Telemedicine? What are my policy benefits? The amount of work that is created with a new customer was 3 or 4 times the work of traditional health care policies for managing the customers.


When creating a personalized experience, we realized that the customer needed to be able to understand how each policy was going to affect them, get the information on how much it was going to cost and see their policies and all their information once purchased.

So, we created an interactive quote calculator that explained each policy with videos while also showing the exact price for each policy once you entered in some simple information.

We then created a patient portal that solved two problems at once: giving the customer the information they needed on their policies and giving the broker the ability to manage his customers. Just like that, everyone was satisfied!

Honor Insurance Home Page Web Design
Honor Insurance Interactive Quote Calculator Design
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Hear from the client

“Amplus has been awesome for my business. I am a new small business and I first resisted spending money on marketing. I 100% regret waiting so long to get started with Amplus Agency. Anthony and his team have been very helpful in designing all of my digital marketing and website. I absolutely should have called them sooner. Want your business to grow, want to have a professional website, want to build a relationship with a marketing team, call Amplus Agency.”

Jon Gallaway – Honor Insurance

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